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The need for personal auto insurance is two-fold:

- Coverage for liability. 

- Coverage for property "Comp/Collision".


Liability insurance is required in most states, and will protect you financially if you are found responsible for injuring anyone in an auto accident.


The other part of your personal auto policy is comprehensive coverage, which will reimburse you for losses due to fire, theft, or other hazards, and collision, which will pay to repair your vehicle in the event of an accident. If you lease or finance your car, you’ll likely be required to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage.

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If you're shopping for auto insurance, price is important, but you want to be covered. And, we want to help you get the right protection. Don't be fooled by cut rate policies that leave you unprotected. We can help you compare options, look for discounts, and focus on maximizing your coverage in a way that fits your budget.​


For more detailed description and explanation of the various coverages involved in an Auto Insurance policy, please check out our learning center page.

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