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Insurance made simple

Whether you are insuring a new car or trying to figure out the best way to protect your family or your business, the choices can be daunting.

We believe it’s our responsibility to make insurance simple.  We take time to understand your unique needs and goals.  We help you see the big picture and provide a full range of customizable insurance solutions.

More than just a tag line, “insurance made simple" is at the heart of how we work with you.  It means...

  - Listening to what you need

  - Using simple language – not insurance speak

  - Having our experts do the research for you and compare options

  - Being there when you need us

  - Helping you have peace of mind

Working with one agency to support and protect your “whole life” prevents stress and saves time and effort, especially in time of crisis.  That’s insurance made simple.

Customers come first

"Business is shaped From the desire to take care of customers"

Here are some of our beliefs that guide our day-to-day interactions with our customers.

Simplified Insurance Agency exists because of its customers. Without customers, we do not have a business.  We encourage our associates to continually enhance their knowledge and strive to learn new and better ways to serve you.

We promise to be there whenever our customers need us. Being here to listen, answer questions promptly, find solutions and lend support when needed is what creates an excellent experience.

Know that the customer is the boss. We support, facilitate and recommend. You make the final decisions when it comes to your protection plan.

Listen. We pay attention to learn what’s important to you so that we can make better recommendations.

Know that it’s business, but it’s really always personal. For us it’s not just about insurance, it’s about building relationships.  Relationships are built with each and every interaction. We sincerely care about helping you protect your “whole life”. We want to make sure that if something happens, you’ll have less worries because of our relationship and the protection plan you’ve built with our help.

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