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What happens if I drive without car insurance?

In Florida, the fine for driving without auto insurance is $150 to $500 depending on the number of offenses. Multiple offenses can add up and even cost you your license or jail time. In addition, a person found driving without insurance will have their driver’s license, registration and license plate suspended.

So if you are caught without insurance, you need to pay the penalty and get coverage before you drive again.

How do they know that you don’t have auto insurance coverage?

Every state has a system in place to help them determine when someone’s insurance has lapsed (canceled). When a state runs things electronically, the insurance company that you buy your insurance from enters your info into the state’s insurance system.

If you cancel your insurance or default on your payments, the insurance company just presses a couple of keys, and the state is informed.

If you purchase a policy with a different company, then the system is updated, and nothing happens.

If, however, you don’t buy a different policy then a letter is generated by the electronic system to let you know you have 30 days to provide proof of insurance or your registration will be suspended.

What if you don’t have car insurance in Florida and get into an accident?

The potential consequences can be significant. If you are found to be at fault, and the other driver suffers injury to their person or property, you are liable for the entire cost. On top of that, you could lose your driving privileges until the entire cost of the damages has been paid.

For drivers involved in an at-fault accident that hurt or killed someone while driving uninsured, an SR-22 Certificate is required, which essentially requires you to carry extra coverage at higher limits than what the Florida No-Fault Law asks in a regular minimum policy. Under the Florida Financial Responsibility Law, you are also required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage on top of the coverage that is already required. This is a costly penalty in Florida, where the higher limits are nearly ten times the statutory minimum bodily injury limits. Plus, you may find it difficult to find an insurer who’s willing to take on the risk of a driver who has already been involved in a serious accident.

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