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Spring Clean Up Quiz

Updated: May 17, 2019

How often do common items really need to be cleaned? Spring cleaning is an annual event, but most things in our house need to be cleaned much more frequently. So how do your cleaning habits stack up against expert recommendations?

1 – How often do you clean your couch?

You should vacuum your couch about once a week and when It comes to spot screening – Check with the manufacturer’s instructions and usually there is a big tag underneath the cough that tells you what it is possible.

2- How often do you clean the microwave?

Sometimes you forget to cover the food and you get a little explosions. What it is recommended is nuke a little bowl with water for a couple minutes and that will help to steam things and to lose it, then wipe down.

3- How often do you clean the vacuum?

Clean your vacuum once a month, make sure to rinse all filters and let them complete air dry before using again.

4- How often do you clean the washing machine?

You should clean it every month. Beast way to do it, you want to run the sanitize cycle and you can fill the bleach compartment with bleach or you can use the tablets that you can buy on the store that are specially made for your appliance. Keep the door open which helps to get rid of the moisture.

5- How often do you clean the coffee maker?

One study has found that 50% of the coffee makers has mold and yeast and 9% had Coliform bacteria (source: NSF). You should clean your coffee maker once a month. Use half water and half white vinegar and run the machine until the vinegar smell is gone. If you use your machine a lot, you might need to clean your machine more frequently.

*The suggestions above are based on the manufacture’s recommendation as well as their own testing and how often an item is used.

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