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Spring Allergies Indoor Tips

Keep allergies’ accomplices—sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion—from wreaking havoc on you in your home.

Spring looks like the perfect house guest: warm, sunny and full of color. But under all that charm are allergens—lots of them. So before you invite spring inside, consider these ways to keep allergens at the door:

#1. Take your shoes off

Even when you’re not outdoors, your shoes are notorious for carrying icky stuff—such as pollen from trees, grass and weeds—into your home. If you can, invoke a wear-no-shoes-in-the-house rule for the season, so you can help keep the entire family’s spring allergies under control.

#2. Keep windows and doors closed

If you must let in the fresh spring air (just for a couple of minutes!), at least keep your windows and doors closed from early to mid-morning and dusk when pollen counts are the highest, or if it’s breezy. But if you suffer from severe spring allergies, it’s best to resist the urge to open the windows—even a small crack—for the duration of the season.

#3. Shower as soon as you get home

Washing the day off has a whole new meaning in spring, and it’s something you’ll want to make a priority as soon as you get home from work, after doing yard work or running errands. Can’t make time for a shower? No worries. Simply wash your hands immediately after being outside. Any precaution you take will be worth it to help you tame your spring allergies.

#4. Use (and replace your old) HEPA filters

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters help trap allergens and other airborne irritants before they cause (or worsen) your indoor allergy symptoms. Plus, you can pay less for your home’s filters with AAA Discounts.

#5. Allergy-proof your bedroom

Wash your bedding every week and don’t hang laundry outside—pollen can stick to sheets and towels. These allergy-proofing measures can help ease the symptoms from your spring allergies indoors. Oh, and even though Fido doesn’t produce pollen, you may want to keep him off the bed for now as pollen can stick to his fur. We know, we know—but it’s really for the best.

#6. Place a synthetic mat at the door

Have a doormat made of natural materials such as rope or coir? Consider replacing it with a synthetic doormat that’s easy to wash each week. Pro tip: Have a family member who doesn’t have spring allergies handle this weekly chore.

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