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Safely Removing Pollen from Car

Birds are chirping and insects are beginning to buzz, which means pollen is beginning to spread. Learn how to remove it safely to spare your paint from its affects.

Pollen is something you want to remove as often as you can. While there are many forms of pollen, two popular forms around this time of year are flower (like Morning Glorys) pollen and tree (like pine) pollen. Although it is mighty small, a single pollen grain can cling to the various pores of your paint. Once there, it’s the acidity of the grain that can cause damage. The acidity is often activated in pine pollen (for example) when it rains can cause staining and premature oxidation over time.

So how does it cling and how do I avoid damage when removing it?

you should avoid two popular pollen removal techniques: The Wipe and The Rinse.

Using the wipe seems “okay” at first, but even one swipe on dry paint with no lubricant could start the viral streaks and light scratches that ruin your perfect paint.

Another popular technique is simply “hosing” the car at the house or spraying it off at the carwash. While you do in fact remove much of the pollen this way and don’t threaten the paint in any way, you do miss the pollen closest to the perfection. Even with hot water and a pressure washer, the pollen is still there, hanging tight. Not only is it not gone, but you have now activated some of its acidic qualities.

So what to do? Do it right and take your time. A good old wash: soapy water, gentle agitation, and dry. The soap will encapsulate the pollen and loosen its grip on the paint. Light agitation will move it out of the pores and leave you with a glossy, scratch free finish. While you may not be able to wash your car every night, when you do take the time you’ll end up with one that allows you to enjoy the love that’s in the air and not hate the scratches in your paint.

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