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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes. Just the thought of them can make a person tremble in fear. Whether you've experienced a hurricane yourself or you've just heard about their destructive patterns, these bad boys know how to make their name heard. The technical definition of a hurricane is a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph.

A major hurricane is a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of at least 111 mph. To put that into perspective, imagine sticking your head out the window of a car as you travel down the highway – that's the speed of wind you would be up against during a low-scale hurricane. Sound scary? It is. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions to take, you may be able to reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.

In light of the hurricane season upon us, which began on June 1st and goes through November 30th, we want to share with you some tips to ready your home and family prior to a severe storm, may it hit. It's never too early to:

  • Determine safe evacuation routes inland. Don’t forget about your pets!

  • Learn the different warning signs and alerts to watch for.

  • Meet with those you live with to create an emergency and evacuation plan.

  • Learn locations of official shelters.

  • Red Cross has a great resource that will help you locate shelter in the event of a disaster.

  • Review your insurance policy with your agent. Is your property covered for such an event?

Whether the hurricane threats are immediate or they seem off in the distance, it's important for all residents of hurricane areas to be prepared and think ahead. Stay safe through these storm seasons! Your safety is number one to us.

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