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Nostalgic Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

Dive, sip, snack, splash, play, and laugh your way into this magnificent season. No one can resist a bean-bag toss!

#1. Buy a yummy smelling sunscreen

Nothing brings on the anticipation of summer like a whiff of orange- or coconut-scented sunscreen. There’s something about the combination of heat and sweet scents that makes it feel like the beach is right around the corner (even if it’s really miles away). Bonus: Wearing daily sunscreen is one of the 38 non-negotiable beauty rules so you might as well pick one with a summery scent!

#2. Sit out on the porch in the evening

The first night of summer is tailor-made for porch sitting. It’s not too cold nor too hot and the smell of fresh grass and the sparkle of lightning bugs will have all your neighbors drifting outside too. Enjoy the quiet evening air or strike up a fun new friendship.

#3. Watch a movie outdoors

All you need is a white bed sheet, a projector, and a laptop to turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema. Invite your neighbors, pop some corn, and enjoy the warm summer evening with your favorite flick. Need ideas? Check out one of these 9 summer-themed movies the whole family can enjoy.

#4. Buy a new swimsuit

Know what you need to get a swimsuit bod for the summer? A swimsuit and a body. Period. But you’ll enjoy the beach more if you have a suit that you love and feel amazing in. Celebrate the onset of pool season by splurging on a fun new suit.

#5. Take an after-dinner stroll

You don’t have to do something major to celebrate the arrival of summer. Simply take advantage of the beautiful evening with an after-dinner walk around your block. Admire your neighbor’s flowers, catch up on how big their kids are, pet any new pups (or old ones!), chat about your day, and enjoy the fresh summer air.

#6. Eat a rocket pop

Popsicles are the quintessential summer treat and the red, white, and blue Rocket Pops are the ultimate popsicle. For a grown-up upgrade, try one of these 16 delicious summer ice-pop recipes—including some fruity, some creamy, and some boozy.

#7. Host a backyard barbecue

The smell of meat grilling, the sight of a bright tablecloth, the sound of chill music—Does anything scream “first day of summer” more than a backyard barbecue? Delight your friends and families by hosting the first party of the summer.

#8. Set up lawn games

Cornhole. Ladderball. Life-size Jenga. Giant dice. Hopscotch. Lawn darts. OK, so the lawn darts might be a tiny bit dangerous but setting up some fun lawn games in your front yard is the perfect low-key way to celebrate the summer season. No one can resist throwing a beanbag into a hole!

#9. Make summer fruit skewers

Summer brings a bounty of fresh, seasonal, fruit. Enjoy the just-picked flavor (along with healthy vitamins and fiber) by making simple skewers of berries, cut-up peaches, pineapple, grapes, or any other of your favorite fruits. Why the skewer? Because food is always more fun on a stick. You know we’re right.

#10. Make a fresh summer salad

Nothing showcases the early bounty of your summer garden (or the summer farmer’s market) like a salad filled with fresh, seasonal greens, veggies, and fruit. The great thing is that salads are practically foolproof—any combination of veggies with a tasty dressing is great.

#11. Leap through the sprinklers

What was the first thing you did during summer vacation when you were a kid? Ran through the nearest sprinkler of course! The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you now wear dry-clean-only pants or leather shoes. Change your clothes, lose the shoes, and get your frolic on!

#12. Snap a beach selfie

Summer calls for a new profile picture! You don’t have to be a supermodel or Instagram star to snap a fun, flattering summer selfie. Pose outdoors, on a beach, near a pool (or wearing your flower crown!) and then add filters, stickers, borders, banners, and other summery extras.

Be creative with your time and enjoy this summer!

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