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National Insurance Awareness Day

There’s something that most people don’t talk about, don’t think about, and when the end comes it snaps right around and hits them square in the face. Their homes and cars remain unprotected, and there’s nothing to save them when the hammers comes down. National Insurance Awareness Day is observed each year on June 28.

This day was created as a reminder you that taking the time to talk to an insurance agent and get a policy on your life, car, or home can save you and your family at the worst times the future holds.

History of Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance is an incredibly interesting topic, especially when you realize just how old this form of protection really is. We had thought it wasn’t any older than a couple of hundred years, but we couldn’t be more wrong. It actually has a history stretching back far into the past.

How to Observe National Insurance Awareness Day

1) Make the call

Call your insurance agents to ask about current promotions, services or lock-in rates as well changes in your premiums.

2) Go shopping for insurance

Some confident insurance companies will offer information about their competitor’s rates while trying to sell you insurance. This bold move on their part can save you time while you search for the best deal.

3) Take charge to change your rates

Whether it’s taking an online, defensive driving course, hitting the gym a few times a week, or putting in a home security system, these doable actions can lead to added savings on your various insurance policies.

Take time to review your coverage to be sure you are not under or over insured.

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