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Happy Go Caroling Day!

Today, we celebrate an old tradition that is far less popular today than it was in years past. Christmas Caroling, though still performed by some youth groups, choirs, and service clubs, used to be much more commonplace, as neighbors would carol from house to house during the holiday season.

The Christmas Caroling tradition was started back in the 1200s by Saint Francis of Assisi, who also “invented” the live nativity scene. His thought was that instead of singing solemn hymns during the holidays, it would be much more fun to sing songs that were more joyful and merry. The purpose of this holiday is quite self explanatory: with 5 days left until Christmas, now is the perfect time to bring caroling back.

Are you planning on caroling to spread holiday cheer in your community?

Check some of the Christmas Carol Lyrics on the link below:

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