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Don't Leave Your Kids in the Car!

Leaving the kids in the car while grabbing a snack in the gas station may be a time-saver, but with the extreme heat that can take place across the country, saving time is something you don't want to test.


Temperatures inside a car with the windows closed or nearly closed can skyrocket quickly. This can lead to life-threatening hyperthermia (heat stroke).

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, when it's 93 degrees outside:

After 20 minutes temperatures inside a car = 125 degrees

After 40 minutes temperatures inside a car = 140 degrees

It's also important to remember that your kids' little bodies are effected by heat more quickly and severely than us adults, so our judgment of temperature is not accurate to that of a child. The stats above may be based on extremely hot weather, but in any temperature it's never a good idea to leave your kids in the car alone. Saving a few minutes of time is far too big a gamble for the priceless cost it could pay. Don't let those be the few minutes you regret forever.

Whatever the season, leaving children alone in cars is risky. In less than a minute, a child can climb out of a car seat and shift the car into gear. It only takes a minute for someone to break into a vehicle and abduct a child.

Let’s discuss prevention strategies to help you NEVER do it!

Strategy #1

Leave your pocketbook or wallet and cell phone in the backseat next to your child in the car seat. By doing this you are not only ensuring that you won’t forget your child, but you can also now sign up for Oprah’s no phone zone because if your cell is in the backseat you are not talking or texting.

Strategy #2

Put a stuffed animal in the car seat when your child is not in it – when you go to put your child in the seat – you take the animal out and put it next to you as a reminder your child is in the car seat.

Strategy #3

Write yourself a brightly-colored sticky note on the dashboard of your car – baby in back!

Strategy #4

Buy yourself the child safety mirror that attaches to your rearview mirror so that you can see your child at all times.

This tragedy is so easily preventable just by using the above strategies, you could save a life. Please relay this information to friends, family and coworkers so no more families have to suffer from this awful tragedy.

And for safety’s sake, never leave children unattended in a car, even for a minute. It's just not worth the risk.

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