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Black Friday Safety Tips

It’s been said that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love to brave the Black Friday crowds in search of the best deal… and those who won’t go within a mile of the mall the day after Thanksgiving.

But, if you’re among the former, some thoughtful planning and a few precautions can make your day more productive, safe, and most of all, fun. Here are a few tips for Black Friday shopping:

How can I be safer in the car?

  1. Be patient when looking for a parking space.

  2. Don't speed up to catch that empty (or soon-to-be empty) spot, and be cautious of other drivers who do.

  3. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Avoid parking next to vans and large trucks that block your space from general vision of others.

  4. Have your keys in hand when leaving a store. Also, look around and under your vehicle before approaching it.

  5. Store shopping bags out of plain sight, in your trunk if possible.

  6. Look for other cars or people, and back out slowly.

How can I protect myself in the store?

  1. Keep your purse zipped an close to your body or your wallet in your front pocket. Never leave a purse unattended in a shopping cart where it is more susceptible to theft.

  2. Don't argue or fight over an item.

  3. Don't take your money out until asked to do so.

  4. Shop with a single credit card. Keep only one credit card in your wallet, just in case it’s lost or stolen.

  5. Save your receipts and monitor your credit card activity.

  6. Avoid ATMs. If you can’t, use ATMs in well-populated, well lit locations. Shield your PIN as you key it in, and don’t leave behind receipts that may contain personal information.

  7. Use the buddy system. As with anything, there’s safety in numbers. If you do plan on separating, make a plan to meet up and consider color coordinating. That way, it will be easier to spot your friends or family members.

How can I protect myself on the internet?

  1. Stick to retailers you know and preferably, have shopped with before.

  2. Research a business you haven’t purchased from before by checking customer reviews or complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

  3. Check a webpage’s security by looking for the lock icon in the URL field, and making sure the URL starts with “https”, not just “http”. The “s” means the site is safer and more secure.

  4. Use one credit card for all online purchases. Then, if a card is compromised, you have only have to make one cancellation call.

  5. Shop familiar brands and steer clear of “too good to be true” deals. Scammers are out in full force during the holiday shopping period.

  6. Refrain from using pubic Wi-Fi to make purchases, or use a VPN to avoid hackers intercepting your information.

While many of these tips seem like common sense, it is easy to get swept up in the moment when you are in a rush. Following these steps will help keep your shopping trip smooth and quick. From Simplified Insurance Agency to you, stay safe on Black Friday!

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